Dreaming of a green Christmas…

Everyone from Tennessee to California to the District of Columbia seems to have a special pride in the way they celebrate Christmas at home. With a tip of the homburg to @anikapanika, the Pacific Northwest is no exception:

The point of regional pride, of course, is that Christmas isn’t white in the Northwest–it’s green (unless, of course, you find yourself east of the Cascades, but let’s do like most people in Seattle do and pretend those folks don’t exist).

And… that’s about the entire substance of this five-minute song. You might be forgiven for feeling like that “gift wrapped up in green” was a wee bit oversold.



  1. For full cheese effect, you need the 1987 video. Dragging children along on a hike is what Christmas is about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9Ze0FEuG4s

  2. 2
    CSF Says:

    Anika, the lip-syncing in that video is epic.

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