Put out the lights. On the tree.

Christmas Spirit Fail recently attended our very first Sufjan Stevens concert, his Christmas singalong currently ongoing and dubbed the Seasonal Affective Disorder Yuletide Disaster Pageant on Ice. It was certainly a spirited experience. Fans queued up for hours ahead of schedule on a cold mid-Atlantic evening, just to be up by the stage. Most people were dressed to the nines in their hipster duds, skinny jeans and Christmas cardigans and leggings worn as pants.

We enjoyed the singalong–we think only one song of the many on Sufjan’s Wheel of Christmas that was a true Christmas Spirit Fail. We even found his original songs to be somewhere between thoughtful and odd, although the following certainly didn’t make us want to pay homage to the king:


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    Anika Says:

    See, this song made me so happy by virtue of its honest, pre-school-level silliness. How can you not love it? “Even though he is a baby, he’s the king-a-ling!”

    This song, on the other hand, deserves lots and lots of Christmas spirit fail:

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