Where are you, Christmas spirit? Not here

From Polar Express to The Santa Clause 3, America’s worst Christmas movies are often paired with America’s worst Christmas pop standards! So it makes perfect sense that, paired with Jim Carrey’s execrable The Grinch would be a truly obnoxious song: “Where Are You Christmas?” by Faith Hill.

The one redeeming feature of this video is the grand joke the costume designer played on Faith Hill, ostensibly dressing her as a denizen of Whoville but really giving her crimped ’80s hair and a White Witch coat.

There is no lyrical depth at all. “Where is Christmas? Christmas is here–in your heart!” It’s fitting, really. How much Christmas spirit can you have when the Christmas spirit becomes the object of Christmas? Christmas becomes a self-referential holiday whose only purpose is to occur–in Faith Hill’s caterwauling, it has no significance at all.


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