The afro of St. Nick

This might be the single best (as in, so-worst-it’s-best) Christmas spirit fail.

“Santa Claus Is a Black Man” is performed by Akim (the little girl) and the Teddy Vann Production Company (link to a probably unofficial MySpace). When and where, we couldn’t figure. According to this message board, you’ll see that it has a following in New Orleans, which was where we first heard it played repeatedly in our college cafeteria. The song was semi-popularized (or at least made known more widely among the weirdo community) when John Waters included it on his 2004 kitschy Christmas record.

At any rate, it’s a classically bad novelty Christmas song, but it has its charms–the adorable Akim, a delightfully preposterous premise, random Kwanzaa wishes, and the stereotype inversion that reminds us of, yes, the universality of the season.



  1. […] than a hippo Also in the annals of adorable little girls singing irritating songs about Christmas is Gayla Peevey, who recorded “I Want a Hippopotamus […]

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    Rocky Says:

    Oh, Evan! We need to all go visit Bruff once more.

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