Almost an ally

For a while, we thought that Christmas Spirit Fail had found a friend at the Wall Street Journal. Jim Fusilli’s article (h/t to Ben N.) takes aim at pop and rock stars’ Christmas albums, and the author includes plenty of bilious remarks:

  • “Do you know anyone who’s crazy for Christmas albums by rock and pop artists? Me neither.”
  • “Most aren’t very good.”
  • “Artists who stay close to Christmas traditions and yet mark the classics with their own stamp tend to offer cloying versions slathered with sentimentality, as if we need to be coated in honey to remember that Christmas is the time of year to celebrate faith and cherish family and friends.” [AMEN, brother.]
  • “The new one by Andrea Bocelli, he of the magnificent voice and the dreadful taste in pop music, offers “My Christmas,” produced and arranged by David Foster and featuring guest appearances by Mary J. Blige, the Muppets, Reba McEntire and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (What, no duet with a death-metal act?) It’s this year’s top-selling holiday album and is so overwrought and saccharine that it’s likely to become a holiday staple.”

Fusilli finally reaches the apotheosis of his misanthropy by quoting an Amazon reviewer on Bob Dylan’s new album: “Forced to sit through it again I might very well have to hang myself by the chimney with care.” LOL!

But then, Fusilli lets us curmudgeons down at the end by refusing to go in for the kill. “How anybody could act like Scrooge about a rock or pop artist’s Christmas album is beyond me,” he closes. Well, then, Jim, if that’s the way you want it–you can be our Christmas frenemy.


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