Silent nightlife

Have you seen Whit Stillman’s recently-released-on-DVD The Last Days of Disco? No? Well, then, hie thee to Hulu and watch Stillman’s elegiac and thoughtful recreation of the early-80s New York club scene. At the end, Josh makes an impassioned statement: “Disco will never be over. It will always live in our minds and hearts. Something like this, that was this big and this important and this great will never die. . . . Disco was too great and too much fun to be gone forever! I just hope it will be in our own lifetimes.”

Unfortunately, disco didn’t die–it lingered on, polluting the Christmas music supply. Indeed, the intertubes are lousy with bad disco renditions of Christmas classics. But, even if they mangle the originals, at least some of the older ones have a strong disco rhythm:

Moreover, these have the excuse of being produced in the ’70s. Not so this hideous Hit Crew album from 2007, which can’t even find a decent balance between the original song and a disco beat, and end up with too much of both.

All this to say–have a very groovy Christmas.


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